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Source:Ningbo Dator Electronic CO., LTD | Date:2012-5-4

Pre sale service:

Quick Response:                                  Enquiry will be tried to replied within 2 hours or no later than 12 hours 

Advice and Recommendations:        Advice and similar products will be recommended

Customization:                                     We can customize to your specific requirements

During production:

Production status:                               Will beupdatedevery week

Pre-notice for shipment:                    Pre-notice to arrange delivery or shipment7 to 10days before production                                                                    finished.

Product confirm:                                  Pictures of products and package will be taken and sent for confirm                                                                                  before delivery and payment.

Customs Clearance                           All documents like commercial invoice, packing list, B/L or other documents will be prepared in time for customs clearance and any assistance if need.

After sale service:

ETA notice:                                          ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) notice will be provided after delivery

Guarantee/Warranty:                         For all products will be provided 12 months guarantee/warranty

Complaint solve:                                Will be compensated if any situations occurs, like missing quantity, wrong goods delivered, defective quality.

Latest Products News:                     The newest products and update will be noted.



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